• Experienced management team​​

  • Certainty and speed​

  • Reliable and trusted partner​

  • Flexible and creative solutions​

  • Strong technologically enabled platform


Our value-add is driven by our extensive experience and our team’s dedication to supporting the growth of our portfolio companies. 

We offer companies the most flexible approach to financing and take pride in quick decision making. Our team delivers creative solutions to complex challenges through disciplined and focused approach. We work with each company to create an individualized structure that best meets the needs of that business and the objectives of its stakeholders. 


Our flat organization structure allows easy access to our team members. We take a personalized approach to the business and spend time in learning more about each company and its management team. It allows superior attention of our management team to each situation.

We provide institutional level execution and have built a robust platform to provide transparent reporting. We are technologically enabled to work with different vendors of our portfolio companies for efficient financial reporting.

In addition to providing capital, we seek to help create meaningful value for our portfolio companies and proactively share our industry knowledge and network. 


Vantage has a special expertise in providing financing to Energy Service Companies (“ESCOs”) in the deregulated power and natural gas markets. We understand the complexity and unique challenges faced by companies in this industry.


Vantage has a distinct ability to finance ESCOs at different stages of their business cycles. We leverage our expertise to being a value-added partner. Our clients appreciate our flexible investment approach and our ability to close and fund transactions quickly. 


The financing is structured as the first lien credit enhancement facility to finance working capital and collateral requirements from wholesale suppliers and local distribution companies. ESCOs benefit from extended payment terms and the ability to contract with multiple suppliers.

ESCO Company Types

  • Start-up to more mature companies

  • Power and Natural Gas suppliers

  • Focus on strong business model and experienced management team

  • Support all end customer types from large commercial to small residential

  • All product types, including any variation of fixed and variable priced customers



Vantage supports small and medium sized companies with customized financing solutions throughout the United States.

We seek to partner with high-quality management teams with a proven track record. 


$5 million to $50 million


2 – 5 Years


Receivables, Inventory, Customer contracts, Third party deposits in the energy industry, etc.


Senior secured revolving credit facilities and term loans 


Energy related, but flexible about other industries as well



Wholesaler Benefits


  • Credit support for ISDA exposures

  • Access to retail load

  • No balance sheet impact

  • No term commitment

  • Outsourced operational oversight



ESCO Benefits


  • Customized working capital solutions

  • Independent control of energy supply

  • Transparent pricing structure

  • Leverage our industry network

  • Access to fixed price supply

  • Automated reporting



Program Benefits



Vantage Commodities Financial Services​

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Financing Type


Vantage provides bespoke financing solutions for any combination of the following working capital needs:


  • Receivables (Billed and Unbilled)

  • ISO deposits 

  • Third party deposits (including deposits for suppliers, utilities, PUCs, and other related parties)

  • Energy supply, including mark to market.  

  • Natural gas related (pipeline deposits, natural gas inventory, etc.)

Structured Lending Solutions


Vantage is a specialty finance company which provides cost effective and flexible financing solutions with a focus on the energy sector.


Vantage provides senior secured financing to middle market companies to help companies expand their businesses and create value for all stakeholders.


Vantage takes pride in serving as a reliable and trusted partner to companies to help them achieve their goals.